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Renew your CPR Certification in minutes with our Fast and Easy certification course

This class includes

  • CPR Module
    • Adult CPR- 1 Rescuer
    • Adult CPR- 2 Rescuer
    • Child CPR
    • Infant CPR
  • AED Module
    • Adult AED
    • Child AED
    • Infant AED
  • FBAO Module (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction)
    • Adult Choking - Consious/Unconsious
    • Child Choking - Consious/Unconsious
    • Infant Choking - Consious/Unconsious

Renew CPR Online or in Class

With AEDCPR, you have the option of renewing your CPR Certification Online, with an instructor in class or a blended course. Blended classes start with our online CPR class followed by a live demonstration with an instructor. You can practice CPR and AED on a manikin.

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